Black Friday 2023

Black Friday is a special period when stores offer big discounts on goods and hold sales. This is a good chance to save money and buy an expensive item at a lower price. Black Friday sales are organized by online sites and brick-and-mortar stores. Discounts are offered both on real goods and on various services. The turnover of stores in the world on Black Friday increases significantly, but not for everyone, but only for those who share the policy, conditions and rules of this event. This policy is simple - a mandatory discount, because the purchase must be profitable. Those stores in which these discounts are significant will receive the maximum bonus: strengthening the authority, trust and attention of buyers for the whole year.

When will Black Friday 2023 be?

Black Friday in the world is traditionally held after the American holiday of Thanksgiving, which is celebrated in the USA on the last Thursday of November. In 2023, Black Friday falls on November 24, 2023. Each store determines how many days sales will last. Usually, the discount period lasts 3-5 days.

List of online stores participating in the Black Friday 2023 sale:

What is Black Friday? Origin of Black Friday from the USA

Black Friday or Black Friday came to us from the USA and has become a permanent phenomenon since 2015. Black Friday is a day when you can count on a reduction in the prices of goods both in stationary and online stores. Every year, the day after Thanksgiving is the most anticipated sales day. There are several theories of the origin of this name:

First, Black Friday became a day when the business of sellers turned out to be profitable. Then, if the income was sufficient, it was written in black ink, and if not, in red. This version has a historical background and refers to the work of accountants who recorded company losses in red and profits in black. Another version suggests that the name "Black Friday" was first used by Philadelphia police and public transport drivers. This was due to the terrible traffic jams in front of shops and shopping centers, due to which they were forced to work for 12 hours. The crowded streets were caused by the post-Thanksgiving parade in honor of the first harvest festival in the United States. For many traders, this day became an opportunity to increase turnover by presenting their goods at more affordable prices. Thus, it can be concluded that the "Shopping Festival" has been held since the 1960s.

Black Friday 2023 Ukraine

This tradition operates not only in the USA, but also throughout the world. Therefore, Black Friday in 2023 will also be in Ukraine.

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