Cyber Monday 2023: what is this event and how is it different from Black Friday?

The end of autumn pleases Ukrainians not only with a large number of Orthodox and state holidays. There are two big sales events in November - Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The last holiday was founded in 2005, because it was then that the term Cybermonday (from the English language - Cyber Monday) was used for the first time and it quickly became known to the whole world.

When will be Cyber Monday in 2023?

Cyber Monday takes place right after Black Friday, which falls on the last Friday of November. And this means that in 2023 the event will take place on November 27. Often, online stores use this period to hold an entire "Black Week" or "Black Weekend". Given the volatility of the exchange rate and the desire to purchase electronics at a deep discount, Cyber Monday is relevant even during martial law.

List of online stores participating in Cyber Monday 2023:

What is the difference between Cyber Monday and Black Friday?

The main difference is that only online electronics stores hold sales on Cyber Monday. On normal days, such discounts are not available for customers. Most often, things that have been in stock for a long time are sold at a fairly low price, but you can grab a significant discount on new models.

It is noteworthy that Cyber Monday was decided to be held immediately after Black Friday for a reason. For the first time, sales were held in the USA. Many office workers return to work after a long weekend, but out of inertia they continue to look for discounts already on the Internet.

Most often, during Cyber Monday, various gadgets are bought. And in the USA, women spend the most time in online stores these days. The biggest discounts are on electronics, computer games, household appliances, accessories for computers and smartphones.

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