What is cashback?

Cashback is the return of part of the money spent when buying goods or services in online stores.

Where does the cashback come from?

The store where the purchase was made pays us a commission for bringing them a customer, and we charge a portion of that amount to you.

How to buy and receive cashback?

To receive cashback, be sure to log in to ⭐ PROMOCASH and be sure to go to the store site by clicking on the "Buy with cashback" button. Cashback is not accrued for direct purchases. Cashback accrual is a technically complex process that involves the buyer, several companies, and a number of computer programs sensitive to the order of actions performed during the order placement. Therefore, for purchases with cashback, it is better to use a clean browser in which nothing is installed.

When using discounts, coupons and promotional codes not from our site, online stores reject the calculation of the reward from which the cashback is paid. In order for online stores to charge a reward from which cashback is paid, do not place an order through their mobile applications. And please note that the reward from which the cashback is paid is only applied to items added to the cart AFTER leaving the site ⭐ PROMOCASH.

Please note that the store does not charge a reward from which cashback is paid when placing and paying for an order by legal entities (organizations and enterprises).

What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 $ or 7000 ₽

How long to wait for cashback confirmation?

Confirmation of cashback occurs after the transfer of information from the online store about the receipt of the goods by the buyer or completion of the order. ⭐ PROMOCASH cannot affect cashback confirmation speed.
You can find out the average and maximum cashback confirmation period on the page of the store you are interested in.

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