What is cashback?

Cashback is the return of part of the money spent in online stores. Each store has its own conditions. Some return a percentage of the purchase, while others return a fixed amount. Shopping online is as easy as ever, but now even cheaper.

How does cashback work?

  • By registering at ⭐ PROMOCASH you get your personal account.
  • After that, select the required store from the list and go to the site of the selected store.
  • You make a purchase and pay for it.
  • The store receives payment from you, sends you the product and pays us a commission for bringing them a customer.
  • We charge part of this amount to you.
Cashback is credited for each purchase, but this requires compliance with all conditions:
  • Always go to the store website by clicking the "Buy with cashback" button on our website - cashback is not paid for direct purchases in the store.
  • You must pick up and pay for your product from the online store at the drop-off point. This will accelerate the accrual of cashback.
  • Make your purchases only online through our site. Phone orders are not taken into account and cashback is not accrued.
  • Do not refuse the order even partially - money is charged only for all purchased items, the cost of returned goods is deducted. Better make a reorder.
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